Thursday, 18 April 2019

Quick Online Hacks for QuickBooks That Make A Difference!

Discovering new tips related to QuickBooks online is always exciting and majorly helpful. In order to find such tricks which make the work more streamlined as well as easier, the best thing to do is to seek out the experts of the field. However, to make it easy on you, this blog has come up with all those hacks that an expert can tell you about.

These are the three QuickBooks hacks, that you should know and implement to business accounting Stone Oak:
  1. The use of attachments
  2. The creation of cash receipts
  3. The automation of emails
QuickBooks Online San Antonio, QuickBooks Accounting San Antonio
Now, it’s time to have a look at the elaborations of the above hacks, explaining how they benefit. Have a look:
1. The use of attachmentsThe hack you’ve been overlooking might just be attachments. You can easily attach certain files directly to the vendor record through QuickBooks Online. It makes the whole process a lot easier. Uploading bank as well as credit card statements onto the attachments folder is also possible. This way, at the end of the month and the end of the year, it’ll all go faster. Also, with this, your accountant can have access to them too.
2. The creation of cash receipts
A simple cash receipts journal, can majorly help in quickly reviewing the money that has been received, for a particular period of time. Doing this directly through the sales center, without modifying the report at all, becomes hugely convenient for all the users like you.
You can easily create a journal of all your cash receipts, in sales transactions..
3. The automation of emails
It’s quite simple; everything becomes easier, when it’s automated. It is recommended by experts, to set up a group of reports that could be automatically emailed as they are scheduled. For example, a collection report and a sales report that is emailed weekly which makes you stay on top of all the open invoices is a great option. Another option could be setting up financial statements that can be emailed on a monthly basis.
Additionally, setting up recurring invoices for automatically emailing them on a schedule is another great idea.
Essentially, if you’re using QuickBooks accounting software San Antonio, you can easily automate the entire sales process and get better at Business accounting Stone Oak. By applying these three quick hacks to your working system, you can save loads of time as well as a severe headache. So, what are you still waiting for? Get to it asap!
To know more about the great hacks, contact Uhlenbrock CPA at 210-701-1040.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

How Do Businesses Use QuickBooks Accounting in San Antonio?

QuickBooks refers to a small business accounting software program. From solopreneurs to mid-sized businesses, everyone can use is for managing sales as well as expenses. It also keeps track of the daily transactions in a business. It can be used for invoicing customers, paying bills, generating reports for tax filing, planning, etc. All in all, it includes several solutions that work great for almost anyone. This blog will take you through the elaboration of the top three uses of QuickBooks Accounting in San Antonio

QuickBooks Accounting in San Antonio, QuickBooks Accounting San Antonio

Have a look at the following ways QuickBooks software can be used for businesses in San Antonio:

1. Management of Sales and Income
In QuickBooks, you will be able to manage sales and income through creating invoices for tracking sales by the customer. In this way you can stay on top of what customers owe you and know your accounts receivable balance as well, simply by reviewing the accounts receivable aging report. This would include the details of both current as well as past due invoices. 

2. Keeping Track of Bills and Expenses
With the help of connecting your bank as well as credit card accounts to QuickBooks, it will automatically keep a track of your bills and expenses. This is why all the expenses are downloaded and further categorized. Whenever you will need to track a cash or check transaction, you can record it directly in QuickBooks, within a few minutes.QuickBooks helps in paying the bills when they’re due, by allowing you to create an accounts payable report, taking hardly anytime. This report tells you about your current and past due bills.

3. Gaining Key Reporting Insights
You will be able to access several reports providing valuable insights, once you start managing cash inflow and outflow activities in QuickBooks. In QuickBooks, all reports are pre-built. Therefore, they can be run in a few clicks. When you enter and save transactions, reports get updated in real-time.
If you need to provide financials to a potential investor etc. this can be truly beneficial. You can also run the top three reports for assessing the overall health of the business. These would include Profit and Loss Report, Balance Sheet Report and the Statement of Cash Flows.
QuickBooks Accounting in San Antonio is being preferred by various businesses. It helps them to go paperless makes them turn into a more organized business. However, you should be reviewing the multiple resources available and pick the right solution for your business. For affordable QuickBooks accounting in San Antonio, call Uhlenbrock CPA at 210-701-1040.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

What should you be looking for in a Tax Preparer?

As an experienced provider of CPA services in San Antonio, we’ve realized that the fact of our lives is, we cannot avoid taxes. This is true in every case, especially when you own a business. Therefore, we might as well do our taxes in the way we’re expected to. The process of tax preparation is one of those less explored and unwanted ones. There are so many people who would just love to skip it. This leads to waiting till the eleventh hour and starting to deal with it when there’s not much time left. To state the obvious, this isn’t the ethical or smart way to deal with taxes. All in all, it leads to disasters. Being late in submitting tax requirements is inexcusable to the IRS. 

Therefore, a smarter way is hiring a good tax preparer who offers great tax preparation services in San Antonio and takes care of all the requirements within the time limit. Following is what you should be looking for in a tax preparer:

1. Make sure he or she is proactive
When looking for tax preparation services in San Antonio, make sure that your tax preparer. is proactive. This is because, it would mean that they will take the initiative of doing things, without having to be prompted. They will be able to foresee the plausible problems. Not only this, but they will also come up with a solution for the same. He or she would know what to expect and be ready for facing it.

2. The more the experience, the better
All qualities in a provider of CPA services in San Antonio, are born out of their experience. Therefore, when looking for someone, go with the one who has plenty of experience in his field already. Keep in mind, that you want someone who is not only exposed to many books and theories but has been exposed to real life situations as well.

3. A great skill set
Look for someone who comes under certified public accountants. When you go with someone who possesses a degree, you can be sure they have the right knowledge as well as expertise. The CPAs have studied accounting for many years and get updated with the development in the legal aspects too.
And that’s why, the above become the essential things to look for in a tax preparer. For professional CPA services in San Antonio, call us at 210-701-1040.

Friday, 11 January 2019

A Peek into the World of Corporate Tax Services!

If we talk about a company that is providing services based on Accounting Stone Oak, San Antonio in the United States, then according to the tax system, that company has to pay federal taxes which have to be equal to 34% of the annual income earned, if the business generates profits exceeding the amount of $335,000.

Corporate Tax services North San Antonio

On the other hand, a business which ends up producing less than $335,000 in a year’s profit, will only be required to pay taxes which are between 15 % and 25 % of the first $75,000 that the business earns. Nevertheless, all the profits that the business entity generates between the amount of $75,000 and $335,000 become subject to a tax rate of 34%.

Apart from this, every business that earns a profit of $15 million-$18.3 million have to pay an additional 3 percent of its income to the government which will be  in the form of taxes.

To be clear about the rules and regulations of corporate taxes, it’s best to hire great professionals that offer corporate tax services in North San Antonio.

They will also be able to help you with a few strategies that can greatly assist in reducing the corporation’s taxes. If the professionals that you have hired for corporate tax services in North San Antonio are highly experienced accountants, then they easily place a business’ profits in various types of tax-deferred accounts. They could also help the corporation in investing in energy-efficient as well as environmentally friendly equipment for receiving credits and tax deductions from the Internal Revenue Service.

The government recently begun providing substantial tax breaks for particular types of businesses. This includes such companies which are offering health care services as well as enterprises which have donated a minimum of 12% of the yearly earnings to any of the non-profit organizations out there.

In the end, it’s important to remember that a business owner can be into a sole proprietorship, a traditional corporation, a partnership, or even a limited liability company. Additionally, every business has to use different tax forms. A sole proprietor will be expected to pay income taxes which are quite similar to those, which an individual citizen is required to provide. On the other hand, the limited liability companies as well as the corporations will be expected to pay estimated taxes and excise taxes. 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

What are the objectives of tax planning?

There are many types of businesses out there in today’s world. However, the world of accounting surrounds all the business regardless of what they are involved in. This is because no matter what the aim of the business is, or what kind of products and services are being offered, any business has money going in and coming out. Therefore, it will require processes of accounting to be executed. Out of the many things required to be done in accounting, tax services and bookkeeping San Antonio are critical for any business. This is the process that is conducted by the taxpayer. It is done for reducing the tax that is liable upon the payer through the maximum use of all available allowances, deductions, as well as exclusions, etc. that are feasible under the law.

tax services and bookkeeping San Antonio, bookkeeping services san antonio

Therefore, it is basically an analysis of a financial situation from the point of view of taxation. Insurance of tax efficiency is the biggest objective behind tax planning. The process allows all the elements of the financial plan to function in proper synchronization. This eventually leads to the delivery of maximum tax efficiency. The process is also imperative for budgetary efficiency.

Following are 5 top objectives of tax planning: 
  1. Economic Stability: When the tax planning behind a business is executed properly, a stability is supplemented.
  2. Productivity: Proper channelization of taxable income to various investment plans can be done, through flawless tax planning.
  3. Reduction of Tax Liability: A taxpayer can save the maximum amount possible from the payable tax amount with the help of using a proper arrangement of the working of an enterprise according to the laws. You need an expert for reliable and accurate tax services in San Antonio.
  4. Minimal Litigation: It is crucial that the compliance regarding tax payment is followed as well as used properly. This makes sure that the friction between the collector and the payer of tax is to the minimum.
  5. Healthy Growth of The Economy: Growth of an economy is dependable on the growth of its citizens. The process of Tax planning helps in estimating the generation of white money that is currently in free flow.
In conclusion, it is better to know the objectives of a process, in order to plan out its proper execution. Once you know what is to be achieved, it becomes easier to execute the process in such a way that objectives are met with the minimum amount of money and time that should be invested. To know more, give our tax experts a call at 210-701-1040.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Bookkeeping hacks that will change the way you execute accounting!

When it comes to business bookkeeping San Antonio, accounting becomes effortless if you know the right hacks. Not only does it make the process effortless, but also saves tax big time. 
Therefore, if you are someone that offers bookkeeping services in San Antonio or someone who has hired a professional for their business bookkeeping San Antonio, then these hacks can come in really handy.

Have a look:

1. Keeping a Fixed and Scheduled Time For Tax Deductible Purchases
If one were to go on planning early, in the tax year, about buying what one will be requiring, and if that happens to be tax deductible, one might end up saving a big quantity of money. Often, this is forgotten when the bookkeeping services in San Antonio are being executed.

2. Claiming the Bad Debts
This simply means that one can claim money which is owed to them and which they have not been paid on their tax return. What this does is, that it greatly reduces the taxes that one has to pay. The simple logic here is that being taxed on money that you haven’t made, is not at all a smart way to go about it. Therefore, claiming bad debts is a great hack while executing business bookkeeping San Antonio.

3. Deferring the January Income to the Following Tax Year
When one has had quite a very profitable year, and on top has even received the salary for the month of January, it is allowed that you defer the amount to the following tax year. This hack helps in considerably lowering the taxes for the prior year’s return.

4. Keeping Personal and Business Finances Separate
A very common place to make errors is when you do not keep your business and personal finances separate. In fact, this is probably the one thing where people make errors the most! Therefore, one must simply keep their personal and business finances separate. This should be done in order to avoid tax fees. When one keeps their business fees separate, they can be considered eligible for various considerable deductions on their tax return.

5. Automating the Human Resources, Admin, and Payroll Functions
This hack becomes an amazing way to save on payroll taxes. In case your business is allowing you to get away with this, then you should definitely go for it! This makes you save a great deal of money!

By implementing such viable tips to your strategies you will surely see great results on the tax return and it will change the way you practice accounting forever! To employ professional bookkeeping services in San Antonio, please call Uhlenbrock CPA at 210-701-1040.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Solutions to prevent mistakes in bookkeeping

The process of bookkeeping is typical. It requires precision and accuracy on the part of the bookkeeper. This means that when one seeks a bookkeeping solution in San Antonio, they should be careful about the bookkeeper they are hiring. For absolute accuracy and professionalism, they should pick an accountant San Antonio who is experienced and knows how prevent mistakes in bookkeeping.

accountant san antonio | bookkeeping solution in san antonio

As an accountant San Antonio, who has been there, we have curated a list of tips in this blog, that help in preventing common bookkeeping mistakes! Have a look:

1. When you aren’t producing or utilizing financial reports
The correction to this mistake is not only obvious but also very easy. There are a big set of choices for accounting software that is capable of producing financial statements. Two of the most popular options are Xero and QuickBooks. However, if your accountant San Antonio doesn’t enter accurate data, then the reports would become misleading and eventually lead to bad decisions.
For avoiding this problem easily, one can hire someone who provides bookkeeping solution in San Antonio while not only entering the data correctly and producing the financial reports, but also offer advice and help on improving the financial performance.

2. When you don’t keep business and personal spending separate
This can easily be solved. With a little research, it becomes very simple to set up a business bank account. This however, does depend on the size of your business. There are options available for free bank accounts as well.
Therefore, when you require additional funds from the business, you can easily transfer from the business account to the personal account. This saves you from paying for your personal expenses directly from the business card. It makes sure of clear record keeping in the business bookkeeping solution in San Antonio.

3. When you don’t do bookkeeping often enough
When you own a big business, it gets difficult to find time for managing bookkeeping. Hiring someone for the same, has many advantages like freeing up time, getting professional help and advice on improving the business’ financial performance etc.

In conclusion, there are many mistakes that one can make while executing the process of bookkeeping. However, the silver lining is that these mistakes can easily be prevented. Just by following a few simple tips, bookkeeping can be converted into a smooth error free process requiring less time, focus and money. For details, get in touch with the expert accountant in San Antonio at 210-701-1040.