Thursday, 12 September 2019

A World Without Bookkeeping!

At many points in your business life, you must have heard people giving you advice on why business bookkeeping in San Antonio is important. It may be possible that you read about it at various places. However, there is another way to make yourself learn why bookkeeping carries the importance that it does.  

business bookkeeping San Antonio

In this blog, you are going to be stretching your imagination a tad bit far. Often, to understand the cruciality of something, the best way is to imagine a life without it. Therefore, to understand the vital role that bookkeeping plays in accounting, let’s imagine a world where there is no bookkeeping.  

Here’s what happens in a world like this:

1. Obscured Business Finances:
When you cut off bookkeeping completely, it means that the books won’t be painting a clear picture of the company’s financial viability anymore. When there is a lack of records that are accurate, it becomes nearly impossible to track the cash flow projections as well as statements.

When one cannot accurately measure cash flow, items like overdue invoices, held inventory, or even recurring variable expenses like sales commission, hourly wages, or even shipping costs become easily obscured. When there is a clear understanding of variable as well as fixed costs, it easily allows one to identify the break-even point.

Something to remember is that the cash flow helps one in identifying money-in as well as money-out. If you fail to track cash flow and you’re financially struggling, then having a record trail may help in revealing the problem. However, the lack of bookkeeping leads to no trail but merely a stack of records on a desk kept somewhere.

2. Your Money would Start Disappearing:
Without business bookkeeping in San Antonio, you’ll soon realize how you’’ ll lose track of your invoicing cycle. Soon, payroll problems will start arising as well. And before you know it, managing your expenses will become a tricky job to pull. You should think of it this way; when you won’t be organizing your records, then the money that could have been yours would end up in someone else’s pocket. 

3. Limited Options for Financing: 
When the books are not up-to-date, financing options are going to be limited for sure. The lack of detailed records, mean that you are likely to not receive a loan, and therefore, a cash advance might just be your only option.

Now, ask yourself, would you like to live in such a world? 

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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Do you Really Need a Personal Accountant?

In the world of accounts, surrounded by offerings like CPA services in San Antonio, there comes a point where everyone asks themselves; ‘Do I really need a personal accountant? Well, some people might put off an answer by saying it’s totally subjective. But why do that when you can read some points and get an answer that isn’t vague and is right for you.

CPA services in San Antonio

In this blog, we will be focusing on the three options of hiring a professional or doing it yourself or combining both of them. 

Option 1: Using an expert

When you don’t have time or it's worth more than what you are willing to pay for hiring someone, then you may simply engage in professional help. However, you need to be able to select the professional who will be meeting your needs.

Have a look at the following professionals:

A. Bookkeeper- He or she might offer concierge services for personal finances that include paying bills, balancing checkbooks and looking over the credit card statements as well. They may or may not possess any kind of special training. 

B. Accountant- An accountant is someone who is trained and mostly, has a college degree in the subject of accounting. They can very well handle bookkeeping chores. 

C. CPA- It refers to an accountant who has a college degree and most probably a master’s degree in the subject of accounting. Although, CPAs are well equipped to be providing bookkeeping services, they might be a little expensive for the same. 

Option 2: Do it yourself 

Today, even for the average consumer, user-friendly software as well as cloud solutions are available. The following are some leading options:

A. Quicken 

Both of these options have mobile applications that can record information reliably and efficiently. However, something to remember is that there are certain limitations to these options. There is also a chance of errors that professionals wouldn’t usually make. So, keep that in mind before choosing this option. 

Option 3: Combining the two

Sometimes, working with a bookkeeper and getting started with personal accounting is a good idea. Someone who is knowledgeable in the software you are using is a big help. They can set up accounts, operating like folders. This would simplify tax return preparation They can also review the work periodically, making sure that the recording of income and expenses is done properly.

The Conclusion

Combining the two might just be the perfect cocktailed answer to your question of going for CPA services in San Antonio, or doing it yourself. However, try and test it before you put your finger on a permanent answer. Hereby, we wish you luck and smooth accounting. 

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Friday, 9 August 2019

Is excel enough for simple invoices and basic accounting? 

There are many people out there, who are fighting a battle of deciding whether excel is enough for them or not. While excel might come in handy for the very basics of basic, there is a much better way to go about it all. 

Think of it like this; ACCOUNTING is directly related to MONEY. By compromising on how you handle you accounts, you would be compromising on how you’re handling your money. 
Is your money not precious to you? Do you not want to treat it, in the best way possible? 
Of course you want to. Then, treat it how it deserves to be treated. And that means, definitely not by using excel for even the basics. 

QuickBooks accounting in San Antonio

This is how we come to QuickBooks accounting in San Antonio. Here’s how using Quickbooks helps you majorly:

1. Automation helps save time

The fact that QuickBooks accounting in San Antonio, automatically handles many of the very easy bookkeeping tasks, it majorly saves your time on bookkeeping as well as all the paperwork. By using QuickBooks your day becomes easier as there’s more time to do other tasks. 

2. Easy report generation and customization

With QuickBooks, all the necessary reports become very simple to generate as well as customize. One would always be able to see where they stand business-wise. There will no longer be any need to worry about the health of the business. This is because it would be readily accessible. 

3. Talk about the price

On top of many reasons why QuickBooks is the better way to go, there lies a reason which is the most appealing. It is affordable for everyone, regardless of the size of their business. On the other hand, accounting software could be costly as well as cumbersome, The good thing is that QuickBooks is neither of those things. 

4. Expansion comes easy

With QuickBooks, there’s always room to grow. If you’re looking at expanding your business, QuickBooks can really help by providing all the necessary documentation, at the time of establishing a business loan or line of credit. It is capable of generating a projected balance sheet, statement of cash flow as well as a profit and loss statement in the format recommended by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

There are many other points that would convince you, as to why QuickBooks is the better way to go about it. Explore a little more, and welcome yourself to the world of Quickbooks.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

A better way to execute bookkeeping!

Are you also a businessman who worries too much about your numbers being added up correctly? And do you really wish to spend so much time on a task that you don’t need to do, especially when you should be giving your time to something more important? The fact remains that making mistakes adds up. This is especially the case, when those mistakes end up leading to an audit or something even worse like bankruptcy. 

business bookkeeping San Antonio

Statistics show that around 30% of small businesses fail within two years. This is because of the expenses continuously outweighing the profits. This is exactly why it’s crucial to keep an accurate book. 

This blog will simply talk about a better way to execute business bookkeeping San Antonio

The suggestion being made here is to hire a bookkeeper! Although this way comes with its own cost, it can save your business big time in the long run.

Here’s how hiring becomes your best option:

1. Your bookkeeper will prevent errors

Even if you think you’re the most seasoned business owner, you might just end up messing up on your books, simply because of the lack of proper experience in this area. Such kind of mistake could range from missing entries to data entry errors, from mixing up types of expenses to double entries etc. However, when you hire a professional bookkeeper with a keen eye, he or she is less likely to make such kind of newbie mistakes.

2. Your bookkeeper will keep a tight schedule

One of the roles that a bookkeeper plays on getting hired is paying the bills. This is why they’ll always  know what time is the best for spending within the budget. Moreover, they’ll be accurately invoicing with timeliness. When you’re running your own business, it is very easy to fall behind, when it comes to paying and accounts receivable. With a bookkeeper, you won’t need to pay any late fees and you’ll also get paid on time!

3. Your bookkeeper will analyze and understand the company’s standing

After hiring a bookkeeper for business bookkeeping San Antonio, you can know where the company stands financially. This would help in figuring out where you can/should invest/allocate/cut back money. He or she would simplify as well as clarify any confusions and explain important concepts.

In conclusion, there is a better way to execute bookkeeping; Hiring a bookkeeper is the way to go!

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

A guide to understanding payroll!

When it comes to payroll in North San Antonio or anywhere else as a matter of fact, there are many things that are important to know. However, to start with the basics of it all, is something absolutely crucial. Therefore, this blog attempts to give you appropriate information about payroll and how it works.

Payroll North San Antonio

The most basic question; what is payroll?

A definition given by Investopedia, states that payroll refers to the total of all the compensation that a business should be paying to its employees. It is for a set period or on a particular date. The payroll includes wages, salaries, bonuses, deductions, as well as net pay. In a lot of cases, the payroll is handled by a business’ accounting department. When it comes to small-business owners, they might also opt that their payroll should be managed directly in-house. They may even go for an associate.

Typically, for a business, payroll makes up to the largest deductible. This is because of the expense that it takes for compensating each employee’s wage or salary. The pay periods may also vary because of situations like sick days or overtime.

Apart from compensating the employees, payroll also includes the taxes which the employees of the organization are required to pay. This includes things like withholding taxes.

These are also known as the Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) taxes. These are those taxes which the employers should withhold from the wage of each and every employee. The income tax with holdings are always assigned by the state, federal, as well as the local governments.

The employers as well as the employees are also required to pay the payroll taxes like Medicare as well as Social Security. It is the IRS which states that the Social Security’s current tax rate is 6.2% for the employer. It is 6.2% for the employee. This makes it a total of 12.4%. Also, the current rate of Medicare comes to 1.45% for the employer. It is 1.45% for the employee of the organization. The total thus, comes to 2.9%. There is another required payroll tax. These are the unemployment taxes which compensate employees that have lost their jobs.

In order to assess as well as collect payroll taxes in the developed world, there are state and federal-level systems in place.

An important thing to remember is that policies of payroll in North San Antonio would differ from that of another place. So, do your research right before you enter into this world of payroll.

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Friday, 14 June 2019

Useful Tips for Small Business Accounting in San Antonio

Amongst many CPA services in San Antonio, small business accounting is an important one. There are many tips that come in handy for small business owners when it’s related to accounting. In this blog, some of the most basic and imperative tips have been listed. Following these will guide all small businesses into the right accounting direction. As providers of many CPA services in San Antonio, Uhlenbrock CPA has curated this list with personal experiences. 

CPA services in San Antonio

Have a look at the following:

1.Deciding whether to hire a bookkeeper or use an accounting software

It is very common for ambitious and excited entrepreneurs to feel ready to act as the head of accounting, marketing as well as sales, just to think of cutting costs. However, what they don’t understand is that it may majorly help to hire a bookkeeper. It would  make sure that you aren’t racking up all the errors. It helps when you  know that there is someone with experience as well as deeper understanding who’s working on your books. For starters, you could hire a freelancer or even someone part-time. This way, you’re not paying a full time wage. As an alternative, you can use a great accounting program that will let you crunch the numbers on your own.

2. Keeping the accounts receivable payments and borrowed funds, separate

When it comes to small business owners, they need financial backing. Sometimes, they may also require loans for marketing campaigns, or the startup capital, or even other initial things. For making sure that the loans do not appear in the receivables, using software which separates the income from borrowed funds, is a great idea. One should never lose sight of what’s theirs and what’s to be paid back.

3. Clients shouldn’t get away without paying balances

When you see a huge amount in your receivables column, it’s always a good thing. However, the money doesn’t get counted until it makes its way into your bank account. Do not let clients avoid the regular payments that they should be making. Standing firm and insisting that you receive the payment for all the past orders, before giving more materials or services is a good way to go about it. The department of receivables is very crucial for keeping the company afloat. Therefore, it may make sense to think of improving your invoices or updating the billing as well as invoicing software.

These three tips are not the only ones to be followed. However, they are the very important ones. A little more research on the subject will allow you to know more. 

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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Business Accounting is a Step by Step Procedure

Business accounting is the process in which calculation of taxable amount payable to the government and total revenue is done properly. It is very important to hire expert business accountants who work to accomplish the final tax valuation. These professionals also take responsibility to pay the taxes on behalf of their fruitful client-base.

Business accounting Stone Oak,CPA services in San Antonio

If you are planning to hire business accountants for business accounting North San Antonio, think about certain things mentioned below:  

1. Local Accounting Firm Matters A Lot -
If your business needs an individual or team of accountants whom you can attend business meetings alongside you, from time to time. The best way is to choose a local firm that can give you such option. The decision to prefer any local firm depends on the needs of company.      

2. Seek Recommendation from Top Business Advisers -
Find expert business advisers who are willing to give you with the sound business advice on your decision making of running a business and generating good revenue. These advisers may even recommend good advise to increase profit of your business.

3. Choose Certified Public Accountants -
Certified accountants have more knowledge and experience in the accounting field. Hence, they can help you to add great value to your small or big business. These tax professionals have gone through strict competence program, which make sure about their expertness in managing accounts.

One of the certified public accountant firms is Uhlenbrock CPA that offers great CPA services in San Antonio. Uhlenbrock CPA is a trusted firm that offers the best services of business bookkeeping, QuickBooks accounting, tax planning, tax preparation and IRS audit representation too. 

In addition to this, they are certified and highly experienced in dealing with the clients of diverse needs of business accounting North San Antonio

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