Monday, 30 March 2015

5 wonders QuickBooks can bring to your business

Getting technology friendly in today's competitive business environment has become vital ingredient for success. Software and web applications are producing effective results in every industries and business areas. True and transparent flow of financial information proves to be a backbone of any business, irrespective of its industry and size. Today many small firms have already switched to QuickBooks, while many other don't realize its potential and depend entirely on manual accounting. On the other hand, there are many individual proprietary and partnership firms that have skillfully imbibed QuickBooks into their accounting process even after hiring a professional person to handle their books of accounts.

Growing QuickBooks popularity has given proven results to enterprises through effective financial management. It has not only simplified and fastened the entire process, but has also, given a strong foundation to their complete financial system. From simple recording of transaction, reconciling cash balances to report generation and analysis, QuickBooks have done wonders to various small and medium size enterprises.

Here are 5 major wonders that QuickBooks can bring to your business:

Error free recording: 

Recording transactions is the first step of any accounting process. If you belong to a business where there are no credit transactions and no system of invoice creation or billing, then you may continue manual accounting. For business where the number of transactions includes both cash and credit, you must keep a check on maturity date of each invoice bill. Organized and error free recording of daily transactions through QuickBooks ensures transparent record keeping of business dealings. QuickBooks automate the entire process while reducing the risk of miscalculations and manual errors.

Breakthrough analysis:

By keeping a quick records of account receivables and payable through QuickBooks, it becomes easy to generate reports and analyze business position on regular basis. Through Preparation of timely comparative reports, QuickBooks make it easy to analyze financial data throughout any desired time periods. This further strengthens the decision making process by a breakthrough analysis. With QuickBooks you can access crisp and formatted reports that can be customized to suit your changing needs.

Transparency in performance tracking:

To get the plan executed exactly as expected, it is important to track the performance on regular basis and take timely actions. QuickBooks make classification easy, through which one can conveniently track expenses and transactions by any department, branch location or any valid breakdown of business domain. This is how QuickBooks provide clear and profound picture of firms performance in its various domains.

Effective Budgeting:

Goals and targets are significant in any firm's consistent growth. Budgeting helps a business to remain on track and perform better.  QuickBooks facilitates instant and easy comparisons between the actual statements and budget prepared.

Unparalleled security:

Last but not the least; financial statements are very crucial to any business. Utmost security should be maintained to ensure that none of the information is leaked from any of the sources available. A little carelessness can cause a big trouble to your company. QuickBooks allows you to create separate users and passwords so that a limited access to company's important information can be maintained.

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