Thursday, 12 September 2019

A World Without Bookkeeping!

At many points in your business life, you must have heard people giving you advice on why business bookkeeping in San Antonio is important. It may be possible that you read about it at various places. However, there is another way to make yourself learn why bookkeeping carries the importance that it does.  

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In this blog, you are going to be stretching your imagination a tad bit far. Often, to understand the cruciality of something, the best way is to imagine a life without it. Therefore, to understand the vital role that bookkeeping plays in accounting, let’s imagine a world where there is no bookkeeping.  

Here’s what happens in a world like this:

1. Obscured Business Finances:
When you cut off bookkeeping completely, it means that the books won’t be painting a clear picture of the company’s financial viability anymore. When there is a lack of records that are accurate, it becomes nearly impossible to track the cash flow projections as well as statements.

When one cannot accurately measure cash flow, items like overdue invoices, held inventory, or even recurring variable expenses like sales commission, hourly wages, or even shipping costs become easily obscured. When there is a clear understanding of variable as well as fixed costs, it easily allows one to identify the break-even point.

Something to remember is that the cash flow helps one in identifying money-in as well as money-out. If you fail to track cash flow and you’re financially struggling, then having a record trail may help in revealing the problem. However, the lack of bookkeeping leads to no trail but merely a stack of records on a desk kept somewhere.

2. Your Money would Start Disappearing:
Without business bookkeeping in San Antonio, you’ll soon realize how you’’ ll lose track of your invoicing cycle. Soon, payroll problems will start arising as well. And before you know it, managing your expenses will become a tricky job to pull. You should think of it this way; when you won’t be organizing your records, then the money that could have been yours would end up in someone else’s pocket. 

3. Limited Options for Financing: 
When the books are not up-to-date, financing options are going to be limited for sure. The lack of detailed records, mean that you are likely to not receive a loan, and therefore, a cash advance might just be your only option.

Now, ask yourself, would you like to live in such a world? 

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