Monday, 24 April 2017

Ways in Which an IRS Tax Audit Representative Can Help You

Have you received notification for an IRS Audit? Don't worry! There is no need to panic when you are notified about an IRS Audit. Hiring skilled Tax Professionals in San Antonio is the easiest way to get assistance with an IRS audit.

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Here’s how an IRS Tax Audit Representative can help you:

At this time all you want to know is why? Why are you being notified of an audit and what are they looking for in your case. You just need clarification.  Well, your tax audit representative would know it better than you. He can give you the explanation of why it’s happening, what they are looking for and what are your options.

Keeping your point of view:
You might not be able to explain your activities in an audit, but your representative knows this language better than you. All you need to do is explain it to him he’ll teach you the rest.

Use your rights:
In a legal proceeding like this, it is imperative to know your rights. They are what will save you from getting into unwanted trouble. Your representative comes to the rescue here and tells you all about them.

Full report:
After the audit meeting, the representative provides you with a fully detailed report of how much you owe. You signing this depends on whether or not you want to go for an appeal. If yes, then you will not sign it.

Results come quickly:
You get aware of the results sooner as compared to a situation where the correspondence was only written. This is because of the report you receive after an in-person audit. Sooner results mean more time to plan what to do next!

What they do on your behalf:
Should you choose so, your representative can literally represent you in front of the IRS representative, on your behalf. This makes it convenient for you and saves you from a lot of panics.

Completion of the audit:
Hiring an excellent representative increases your chances of winning the case. But, this is not guaranteed. So, even if you don’t win, the representative closes the audit systematically, which is an achievement in itself. Once done properly, you can move on to more important things in your business.

These are just the basic things in which your representative helps you. Apart from these, there’s a lot of other support that they provide you with.
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