Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Do you Really Need a Personal Accountant?

In the world of accounts, surrounded by offerings like CPA services in San Antonio, there comes a point where everyone asks themselves; ‘Do I really need a personal accountant? Well, some people might put off an answer by saying it’s totally subjective. But why do that when you can read some points and get an answer that isn’t vague and is right for you.

CPA services in San Antonio

In this blog, we will be focusing on the three options of hiring a professional or doing it yourself or combining both of them. 

Option 1: Using an expert

When you don’t have time or it's worth more than what you are willing to pay for hiring someone, then you may simply engage in professional help. However, you need to be able to select the professional who will be meeting your needs.

Have a look at the following professionals:

A. Bookkeeper- He or she might offer concierge services for personal finances that include paying bills, balancing checkbooks and looking over the credit card statements as well. They may or may not possess any kind of special training. 

B. Accountant- An accountant is someone who is trained and mostly, has a college degree in the subject of accounting. They can very well handle bookkeeping chores. 

C. CPA- It refers to an accountant who has a college degree and most probably a master’s degree in the subject of accounting. Although, CPAs are well equipped to be providing bookkeeping services, they might be a little expensive for the same. 

Option 2: Do it yourself 

Today, even for the average consumer, user-friendly software as well as cloud solutions are available. The following are some leading options:

A. Quicken 
B. Mint.com

Both of these options have mobile applications that can record information reliably and efficiently. However, something to remember is that there are certain limitations to these options. There is also a chance of errors that professionals wouldn’t usually make. So, keep that in mind before choosing this option. 

Option 3: Combining the two

Sometimes, working with a bookkeeper and getting started with personal accounting is a good idea. Someone who is knowledgeable in the software you are using is a big help. They can set up accounts, operating like folders. This would simplify tax return preparation They can also review the work periodically, making sure that the recording of income and expenses is done properly.

The Conclusion

Combining the two might just be the perfect cocktailed answer to your question of going for CPA services in San Antonio, or doing it yourself. However, try and test it before you put your finger on a permanent answer. Hereby, we wish you luck and smooth accounting. 

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Friday, 9 August 2019

Is excel enough for simple invoices and basic accounting? 

There are many people out there, who are fighting a battle of deciding whether excel is enough for them or not. While excel might come in handy for the very basics of basic, there is a much better way to go about it all. 

Think of it like this; ACCOUNTING is directly related to MONEY. By compromising on how you handle you accounts, you would be compromising on how you’re handling your money. 
Is your money not precious to you? Do you not want to treat it, in the best way possible? 
Of course you want to. Then, treat it how it deserves to be treated. And that means, definitely not by using excel for even the basics. 

QuickBooks accounting in San Antonio

This is how we come to QuickBooks accounting in San Antonio. Here’s how using Quickbooks helps you majorly:

1. Automation helps save time

The fact that QuickBooks accounting in San Antonio, automatically handles many of the very easy bookkeeping tasks, it majorly saves your time on bookkeeping as well as all the paperwork. By using QuickBooks your day becomes easier as there’s more time to do other tasks. 

2. Easy report generation and customization

With QuickBooks, all the necessary reports become very simple to generate as well as customize. One would always be able to see where they stand business-wise. There will no longer be any need to worry about the health of the business. This is because it would be readily accessible. 

3. Talk about the price

On top of many reasons why QuickBooks is the better way to go, there lies a reason which is the most appealing. It is affordable for everyone, regardless of the size of their business. On the other hand, accounting software could be costly as well as cumbersome, The good thing is that QuickBooks is neither of those things. 

4. Expansion comes easy

With QuickBooks, there’s always room to grow. If you’re looking at expanding your business, QuickBooks can really help by providing all the necessary documentation, at the time of establishing a business loan or line of credit. It is capable of generating a projected balance sheet, statement of cash flow as well as a profit and loss statement in the format recommended by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

There are many other points that would convince you, as to why QuickBooks is the better way to go about it. Explore a little more, and welcome yourself to the world of Quickbooks.

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