Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Going back to the basics;Objectives of Accounting!

Accounting systems have been known to help organizations to achieve their objectives. They provide a reliable framework and are able to consistently produce accurate as well as precise financial information.
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As providers of corporate payroll services and bookkeeping services in San Antonio, we carry a lot of knowledge about accounting. Therefore, the key objectives of accounting are going to be discussed in this blog. Let’s see a summary of the same in the following points: 

1. The Process of Recording
The very first role of the process of accounting is to maintain a complete, systematic, permanent, as well as an accurate record of all transactions of a business. These transactions could be retrieved as well as reviewed whenever deemed necessary. A reliable financial record becomes the backbone of any accounting system. Without such a system, all other objectives of accounting get compromised. 2. The Process of Planning We all know that organizations always need to plan how they intend to allocate their resources. These include labour, cash, machinery, materials, as well as equipment for competing requirements in the future. One of the most effective ways of executing this is by using many forms of budgets. Budgeting becomes a huge component of managerial accounting. Budgets have the capability of enabling organizations to plan for the future. They anticipate business needs as well as resources. The process of budgeting helps in the coordination of various segments. 3. The Process of Decision Making
Accounting is a process that helps the managers in making a range of business decisions. It also helps with developing policies in order to make the processes of the organization much more efficient than they already are. Management decisions based on accounting information include the following examples:
-What is the price that should be charged for products as well as services for achieving the maximum profit?
-What all products should be produced when there is a shortage of resources, like cash, material, or labour, for maximizing profit?
-Does the business currently need to acquire financing?
There are many more examples like these. 4. The Performance
The accounting helps to determine how well is the performance of a business. It summarizes the financial information into quantifiable measures. Organizations should always have a reliable source for measuring their key performance indicators or KPIs. On the basis of this, they would be able to improve their performance. They can easily compare themselves against their own performance in the past, and against their competitors.
5. The Liquidity
Often, the reason for the failure of many businesses is the mismanagement of cash. Accounting helps businesses in knowing how much cash, as well as other liquid resources, are available at their disposal, for paying for the financial commitments of the business. This kind of information is needed for working capital management. In this way, organizations get help in reducing the risk of bankruptcy, with the help of timely detection of their financial bottlenecks. There are many other objectives of accounting, that become the reason as to why the process becomes so imperative.
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